CoolHoot says Protect the Night Sky!The Dark Sky Society welcomes you. Our members support educational and legislative efforts to eliminate light pollution.

Light pollution is defined as: Glare, light trespass, and light which is reflected into the night sky, contributing to sky glow, through the use of unshielded, misplaced, excessive, or unnecessary outdoor night lighting.

By eliminating light pollution, we can conserve energy, reduce glare and light trespass while maintaining our desirable community character, safeguarding our wildlife in their natural environment, and restoring our view of the starry night sky.

There are no dues to join or fees for membership. Click here to become a member.

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This site is sponsored by Dark Sky Advocate, Susan Harder, NY.

Educational Resources from the Dark Sky Society

  • Good Lights for Good Nights
    One-page sheet of line drawings showing good and bad lighting fixtures. Compliments of Bob Crelin.
  • Guidelines for Good Exterior Lighting Plans
    Developed in consultation with lighting professionals, these guidelines will help you prepare exterior lighting plans that are sensitive to light pollution abatement and the preservation of dark skies.
  • How to talk to your neighbor
    A one-page guide to talking with your neighbor who has bad lighting.
  • East Hampton Residential Outdoor Lighting Brochure
    PDF brochure describing residential lighting information and requirements for the Town of East Hampton.
  • What is Light Pollution?
    A one-page guide that describes the basic components of light pollution.
  • Municipal Guidelines for Lighting in the Right of Way
    "Prepared by Susan Harder and Tom Horn (Resource Conservation Manager) for East Hampton, NY in consultation with Leo Smith, Member, IESNA Roadway Lighting Committee"
  • IDA Lighting Code Handbook
    A PDF version of the IDA's lighting code handbook, an excellent guide to municipal and commercial lighting issues as well as the means to regulate the use of such lighting.
  • Bird-safe Building Guidelines
    New York City Audubon has just published Bird-Safe Building Guidelines, a 55-page manual for architects, landscape designers, engineers, glass technicians, developers, building managers, city, state, and federal officials, and the general public.

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The Dark Sky Society is a separate organization from the International Dark Sky Association (www.darksky.org), which has over 10,000 dues paying members. They work to "preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of the dark skies through quality outdoor lighting."

See also the New York State chapter of the IDA, nyida.org.

The Dark Sky Society (DSS) is based on Long Island, NY. Membership is free and open to anyone interested in preserving the natural star-filled night sky and fighting the intrusion of light pollution.

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